About us

Tosee Novin Sanat Pars cala company is stablish in 1385According to the industrial needs of the country, by an entrepreneur and inventor, Mr. Hassan Qodrati, was founded on the basis of about half a century of experience in the electrical and wire industry and cable in the city industry of Eyvanky and after obtaining a license for exploitation under the number 123/38593 and the standard license number 17744, the products were shipped to the market with the brand of A1 Khorasan wire and cable.
The company is a dynamic and active company. Policies and objectives are set by the company’s board of directors, followed by pursuit of objectives and policies by the Chief Executive Officer , in collaboration with senior executives.
Tosee Novin Sanat Pars Cala company the holder of all certificates provided by the Standard Industrial and Industrial Research Bureau of Iran, Tavanir approval, European standards conforming to the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, and which possesses modern and advanced machinery and equipment and technical know-how of the day. Production of various and quality products .
This company produces a variety of low-voltage wires and cables including wires and cables for control of cables, shields, cables, antennas, cables, etc., and has committed itself to establishing, maintaining and developing a management system and Its continuous and effective improvement and compliance with the requirements of national and international standards.

Goals and policies of the company :

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Continuous product quality
  • Stable supply and timely delivery of customer needs
  • Reduce waste and increase production efficiency with accurate and continuous planning
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Improve staff awareness by running training programs
  • Workspace optimization using innovation and creativity

* excellent quality , Production Health and Customer satisfaction has always been the headline of our work *